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How good was Poe as a writer?

Many years ago (as all good tales begin) in the earliest throes of my attempt at a writing career, I was prank-called at random by some teenage girls who, in their pranking, quoted Poe's "The Raven" in an attempt to spook out the random person on the other end of the line (to wit, me) -- I immediately responded by quoting "Annabel Lee" back at them. This confused the prank callers, so I said to the young lady: "Miss, you have no idea who you called, but you cannot scare me by quoting Poe. Edgar Allan Poe is my beloved spiritual Uncle, and one day, many years from now, you will be in a bookstore and will pick up a book of scary stories, and that book will have been written by me."

Arrogant, yes (I was still high with my first publication), and truth be told, many years *have* passed, and I have yet to make good my threat to this anonymous Lenore (who I will likely see nevermore); I will give it my durndest to see that threat come real; but I digress.

How good was Poe as a writer? Apart from being spontaneously quoted by random prank-callers over 150 years after his death? Well, if you win the Superbowl like the New Orleans Saints did this year, your team is awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy. If you are a writer of some skill and you publish in the field of mystery and suspense, and your work is one of surpassing excellence, the esteemed personages at the Mystery Writers of America may grant you an award. The award is called "The Edgar".

It's one thing to win an award. It's a whole other thing to have the award named after you.
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