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Writing Progress report #1
OK -- Cherished Reader, here's what's going on in the writing front so far:

1. "Midtown Tunnel" was submitted to Dark Discoveries (electronically, they're very "green" and I applaud that).

2. "The Necromancer's Problem" received some tweaks and fleshing out, increasing it to 7400 words. Looking for a market that takes that length.

3. "Pale Pink Walls and White Furniture" is complete, I may want to tweak the ending just a tad, but it has some format gimmickry that might make it a tough sell to certain markets. Whoever does buy it (if anyone), their layout folk are going to hate me.

Many markets are closed, this is irritating, I may need to wait on certain stories. Thinking of what I can give to F&SF, they lament in their guidelines that they do not get enough hard SF or humor, I have a humorous SF/Horror story in my head they may like. Many of these markets are also looking for artwork -- this too is a game in which I ought to be fielding a team.