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Dominance and Submission

One of the linguistic ironies of being a writer is that in order to dominate, you must first submit.

You may be pleased to know, Cherished Reader, that I performed not one but two such acts of literary jiujitsu not ten minutes ago at my local Post Office, to wit: "Pale Pink Walls and White Furniture" has been submitted to the extraordinary editorial staff at Fantasy and Science Fiction (http://www.sfsite.com/fsf/), and "The Necromancer's Problem" (having shed 400 words in a last minute edit to stand at 7000 words) has been submitted to the fine fiction selection personnel at Realms of Fantasy (http://www.rofmag.com/). My earnest prayer is that they dominate the other offerings in the slush piles of these two excellent publications and get accepted.

Havng been out of The Game for a while, I had no idea what the postal rates were for manuscript submissions, and that led me this snowy Saturday to our local post office and Mike the Postman, who not only weighed and stamped my envelopes with near microgram precision, but gave me a full course explanation on postal rates for large envelopes and how to calculate them, as well as links to on-line sources (http://www.usps.com) and a rate sheet. So thank you, Mike the Postman; one more cog in the complex machine that drives aspiring literary careers is now turning once again, no small part due to your efforts.

Postage, by the way, for the two manuscripts and their self-addressed stamped envelopes, was about $6.00.
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