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Worship God on HIGH!!!!

I have a confession to make, Cherished Reader: Your humble blogger is church-goer. Moreso, your humble blogger is a retired Elder at his local Presbyterian Church, is a teacher's assistant at Sunday school, occasionally fills the pulpit and preaches the Word, and, perhaps most importantly, plays the bass guitar in the church praise band.

Our praise band is pretty good, I would say. We have anywhere from 4-8 people playing at any given time: singer, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass (myself) sometimes mandolin (myself), a back up bass player (for when I play mandolin), an on-and-off drummer who has been on again lately, two keyboardists, and an occasional violinist / harmonicist. We're even thinking of re-tuning the pipe organ so we can use that, too.

Lately we've acquired a professional guitarist who joined our church and plays with us. He is, to put a non-churchy term to it, kick-ass. Under his influence our band has gotten way better, way more rocking, and -- and here's the rub -- LOUDER. Sunday morning at our little church is sounding more like Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. To quote the Muppets: "They don't sound like Presbyterians..."

Not everyone appreciates our new hard-rock-Praise-the-Lord-and-light-the-fireworks format. So much so that the choir (who were practising their own songs in the basement below us) came up thrice to complain. Eventually we got the hint and called off rehearsal. There is also a rumor that our music is now so loud it is in danger of shattering our stained glass windows.

I am unapologetic. "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord" says the Good Book. We are Praise Band (add umlauts and lightning bolts as required). We will worship the Lord on HIGH -- which in our case, goes up to eleven.
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