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First blog entry. Ever.

Cherished Reader,

Do forgive me for being brief, this is my first blog entry ever. A few things about me, off the bat.
I am an aspiring writer and artist with a couple of well-received short publications in the distant and murky past and am looking to get back in the game, so to speak. I've decided that this is the year for the big push.

So, what do I write? Horror / thriller / dark-fantasy, with a dose of humor.
Where do I write? Now in a cluttered office off my living room; but formerly, a moving train.

Hence the screen name "Locomotive Poe."

Writing scary stories on trains. I used to work in NYC and I live on eastern Long Island and wrote during my long commute. I cannot imagine a worse environment to write: noisy, crowded, rattles, shakes -- and yet, with my trusty budget laptop I completed six short stories (two published) a full length screenplay (and six rewrites) and about 150 pages of a novel. I developed near-superhuman powers of concentration, but such a skill is a two-edged sword: It got to the point where I couldn't write anywhere *but* a moving train. Place me in a quiet pristine environment for six hours and I stare at a blank screen the whole time (I thought of hiring someone to shake the chair and shout the names of towns at random intervals). I also discovered that I write *like* a train -- start slowly, build up speed, chugging along; but a distraction or a problem derails the whole process and it takes forever to get back on track again, so to speak.

So welcome to my blog, Cherished Reader, I will try to make the time you invest in me worth your while.
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